"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...” Matthew 28:19

Current Partnerships

Kyle and Katrina Williams--Southeast Asia

Kyle and Katrina work with pastors and leaders in SE Asia who for generations have dealt with extreme violence.  The Williams specialize in conflict transformation working through schools, alongside churches, and with individuals, sharing the Good News of the Prince of Peace as they navigate loss and trauma together.  For security reasons they do not post publicly any information about the specific work and/or people they work with. 

But you can reach out to them at Williams@internationalministries.org.

Jeff and Annie Dieselberg--Thailand

Annie is the founder of Nighlight International.  Nightlight seeks to offer intervention to sexually exploited women and children, to enable them to discover their dignity, and to provide a program of holistic transformation, empowering them to live and work in their community.

Jeff works alongside Annie in the Nightlight ministry and also pastors a local church in  Bangkok which includes many individuals involved in the ministry.

You can find out more about Nightlight International here.

Mike and Becky Mann--Thailand

Since July of 1991, Mike and Becky Mann have served in Thailand with hill tribe villagers who are living below the poverty line.  They work to ensure the well-being of these people and provide them with the kind of development that will last for generations.  

As an International Ministries Global Consultant for rural development based in northern Thailand, Mike serves as Director of the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) where he and Becky assist hill tribe people and tribal farmers with clean water, sanitation, agriculture, education, health and raising cash crops.

To find out more about the work of the foundation, you can find their website here.

Brian and Bailey Pruett--Ethnos 360

Brian is the Aviation Int’l Rotor Wing Chief Pilot/Flight Instructor; Admin Assistant based in Arizona.

Ethnos360 Aviation’s vision is to provide church planters in areas without access to the gospel with aviation service that is safe, reliable, affordable, and professional with the right aircraft.  Their purpose is to support the church planting teams until a thriving church can stand on its own.

Ethnos360 Aviation has had flight service in the Asia Pacific, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Liberia, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, the Philippines, Senegal, and Venezuela.

You can find out more about Ethnos 360 here.

David and Claudia Cuevas--San Vicente, Mexico

David Cuevas and Claudia Pérez have two children, the oldest is David Moisés and the youngest is Ángela Jasha. David is a product of the American missionary work and in large part because of the work of First Baptist Church. By the grace of God, David was called to the pastorate more than 7 years ago at First Bethel Baptist Church in San Vicente, Baja California, Mexico.

Their goal is to make their local church a church that has an impact in its town and its surroundings as well as in other states of the Mexican Republic.   They also want the church to reach more than 300 ethnic groups in Mexico. They have open doors, in the states of Sinaloa and Oaxaca to go and start new works in places that have zero or very little presence of Christians. The church already has a couple of Christians working in those states, with the goal for the church of San Vicente to strengthen the church where it was born and to give birth to a church where it has not yet been born in any part of the world.

Tracy and Julie Dykes--CRU

Tracy and Julie are currently based in Orlando, FL and work with MK2MK.  MK2MK is a ministry of Cru and stands for Missionary Kid to Missionary Kid. Their mission is to build a global, spiritual community of MKs who impact their world for Christ. They care for, resource and equip missionary families by discipling their kids, helping them to thrive as they serve Christ on the mission field and in transition.

To get  better idea of the work the Dykes are doing, have a look at this.

Campus Crusade (now known as CRU) was started to reach college students for Jesus Christ.  They have expanded their focus to include adult professionals, athletes, high school and college students. Cru members are passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Cailah Pritchard- Students International

Cailah grew up here at First Baptist Hanford and she is currently serving with Students International just outside of San Jose, Costa Rica.  She has been serving with Students International since 2008.

Cailah serves as a leader at the Boys & Girls Club ministry site where she shares her love of Jesus with children, teenagers and adults through various activities, tutoring, aerobics classes and spending time with them. She also serves as one of the coordinators for SIR’s local
scholarship program.

You can find out more about Students International here.

Marcus Martinez- Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Marcus had a Christian coach in college who shared the gospel at practice, and as a result of that, Marcus gave his life to Christ and was forever changed. A few years after graduation, he joined a church where he eventually became the student ministry director. He served there three and a half years and coached baseball at Morro Bay High for five years before God called him to the valley, and then to FCA. Marcus enjoys coaching high school baseball and working with students. He also likes long walks on the beach and classical music.

Operation Sharing

Operation Sharing was started in April of 2002 by the Latin American Assembly of God Church in Hanford.  Every month on the last Saturday of the month they hand out to those within our community free hot food, toys, clothing, appliances and a wide variety of household goods.  All items that are given out are donated through the generosity of our local community members, churches, and the local Rotary Club.  When they first started this ministry only 30 family took advantage of it.  In recent times about 130 families show up every month.  An important part of the free food and household goods give away, those attending hear God’s Word through a time of learning and sharing prior to the giveaway.

Growing Healthy Churches

Growing Healthy Churches is an association of churches working together in covenant to help advance the Kingdom of God by pursuing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Established in 1889, GHC walks alongside churches & their leaders to help them to overcome hurdles & barriers in their unique ministries. We are honored to partner with the Church in reaching communities for Christ.

For more information click here.

Sugar Pine Christian Camps

For more than 60 years, campers of all ages have enjoyed the amenities and the beauty of God’s creation at Camp Sugar Pine. Located just 7.5 miles south of Yosemite National Park, Camp Sugar Pine provides camps and retreats throughout the year. More than 10,000 campers a year find peaceful moments of prayer, fellowship with friends, joyful worship, personal growth, fun and games, and a deeper relationship with God at Camp Sugar Pine. Lives are changed and new lives in Christ are found amongst the pines. More information about camps and retreats for all ages can be found at surgarpine.org

Crossroads Pregnancy Center

The mission of Crossroads Pregnancy Center is to share the love of Christ in word and deed with anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, post abortion syndrome or lifestyle distress.  Crossroads Pregnancy Center is a locally organized, non-profit charitable organization serving men, women, and children regardless of age, race, creed, or marital status.

Their free services include:

• Pregnancy Testing
• Education on pregnancy, adoption, abortion, and parenting options
• Ongoing peer counsel, emotional and material support
• Referrals for adoption planning, community resources and social services
• Post abortion counseling, support and education
• Education for single adults, teens and parents on STD and sexual health issues
• Young women and men in their teens can participate in ongoing counsel, life skills guidance, Bible study and fun activities with Parent Life through Youth for Christ.

For additional information, click here.

Rainbow Acres

Founded in 1974 by Ralph Showers, Rainbow Acres is a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities located in Camp Verde, Arizona.  They provide exceptional housing, life-enriching programs, and loving, holistic care in a safe vibrant, inclusive ranch-style community.  The residents who call it home are called Ranchers and are valued as individuals.

Rainbow Acres is anchored in the core values of faith, hope, love and compassion and all care is delivered by the principles of the Golden Rule.  These values become part of each Rancher, caregiver and employee and are manifest in a friendly community that is filled with remarkable and authentic joy and growth.  It’s a place where friends become family and Rainbow Acres becomes home.

To find out more about Rainbow Acres, click here.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse, delivers shoeboxes filled with toys, hygiene items, and school supplies to children around the world (especially war, famine, and disaster areas), sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, God’s Greatest Gift. Local Christians are trained and equipped to share the Gospel in a child-friendly way at outreach events where children receive a surprise shoebox gift along with The Greatest Gift booklet. Many participate in a 12-lesson discipleship program called The Greatest Journey, where children learn to follow Jesus and tell others about Him; they receive a New Testament in their own language. Evangelism and discipleship lead to multiplication of new believers and churches worldwide, even among previously unreached people. Hundreds of new churches are being planted each year as a result of Operation Christmas Child outreach events and discipleship. 

Click here to see more of what Operation Christmas Child is doing.

Kings Gospel Mission

Kings Gospel Mission (KGM) has been part of the local community for more than seven years. Through hope in Jesus Christ, providing homes, and providing jobs KGM is striving to find new ways to be a great neighbor to people who live in the local community.  Communities take care of each other. They see things in and around their neighbors and leverage that for everyone’s success. Even though KGM has grown over the years and had different focuses over time, they have always been part of this community in a positive way. 

All great relationships begin with mutual respect. From that point, KGM offers:

  • Shelter -24/7 6PM to 7AM
  • Work Opportunities at Cornerstone Industries
  • Education – The New Song Academy for Recovery and Christian education
  • Room & Board for Men & Women in Cornerstone Housing
  • Recuperative Room & Board
  • Case Management to connect to services
  • Transportation to important venues

To find out more about Kings Gospel Mission, click here.

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