Children's Director (Birth-5 Years)
High School: Hanford High School, Bullpups
College: Fresno Pacific University

Degrees Earned: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Starbucks Order: Oat milk vanilla latte, but it really depends on her mood and what season it is…

Favorite Podcast:Jenny Allen Made for This and  Risen Motherhood

Favorite Books: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud Preparing for Heaven by Gary Black Jr.

Kayla is a Hanford local and a stay at home mom for the last 6 years.  She is married to Keith (probably for his cooking abilities) and is mom to Scarlett and Londyn.  Seeking community led her to serving in many capacities with babies in tow (Mom’s groups, small groups, Kids Ministry, Women’s Ministry).

She worked for many years doing therapy services, in children’s mental health, then service coordination to children with developmental disabilities. One on one therapy with Autistic children will always be her favorite job though, supporting kids and their families to learn their abilities not disabilities. She grew up around the corner from church but she is now a city girl.

She runs the house where all the kids in the neighborhood come to play and get fresh baked cookies and she gets to monitor them climbing the pretty chill neighbor’s tree (Pastor Jeff).

She is most impacted by the community of friends built through serving and being involved in different ministries and community groups in similar seasons of life. Favorite food growing up, diagonal cut peanut butter jelly sandwiches made by her dad.

At FBH she snuggles babies, hugs kids, and gets them excited to learn about Jesus! She also provides a safe and fun space for little ones to come and hear about their Savior through play, fun, and lots of love.

She does not use social media because, “Social media is not good for my righteousness.”