Worship Pastor

High School: Buchanan High School

College: Biola University

Degrees Earned: Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Media Arts; Minor in Bible

Starbucks order: Tall Blonde Roast (He’s kind of a coffee snob)

Favorite Podcasts: Watermark’s Church Leadership Podcast, Myth’s and Legends Podcast

Favorite Books: Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

Kyle began as our Worship Pastor here in November of 2018.  While his official role at FBH is the Worship Pastor, that actually includes everything involving sound, lights, music, video, and stage design. He has the most tech-savvy job at the church and tends to double as Pastor Peter’s IT specialist when his computer stops working…

He grew up in Fresno, CA trying to do whatever he could; sports, drama, youth group, etc.  He enjoyed playing volleyball but decided to focus all of his energy on theater when he got into high school.  While there, he was involved in every major production his school put on and during the summers he traveled as part of a choir with the Continental Singers.  After studying film in college he came home and began to pursue a calling in ministry by going through training with his church before getting a job there as a youth pastor.  When he isn’t working, he’s a big fan of spending time outside with his buddies, but if the temperature isn’t a perfect 72 degrees, he’ll stay inside to watch a good movie or TV show.