High School: Baptist Christian School (yeah, Bears!)

College: Trinity Bible College

Degrees Earned: Mrs.

Starbucks order: Medicine Ball

Favorite Books: Anything in the mystery or historical fiction genre

Debbie began working at First Baptist Hanford in January of 2008 and is now our Office Manager.  As office manager she is usually the first face you’ll see when you come into the office or the first voice you’ll hear when you give us a call.  She keeps our entire church organized and because of that tends to do quite a bit of paperwork week to week.  

Debbie grew up as a pastor’s kid in the small town of Mt. Hood, Oregon, which she argues is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Growing up she thrived in the great outdoors as she hiked and camped with her family, took care of animals on the farm, and rode horses and motorcycles to her little heart’s content.  Beyond that she thrived being fully exposed to the things of God as well as His people. She learned to love and know Him at a very early age. 

After high school she went to Trinity Bible College and completed her goal of getting married and shortly thereafter starting a family.  She’s been married for 31 years to her husband Clement. They have 5 fantastic children and 4 adorable granddaughters.  When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, reading, playing the piano, and watching any sport her son is involved in.